Download: The Dead Weather Live 2009/07/17 At The 9:30 Club, Washington

So this post is directed to all the kiddies who just discovered this Jack White fella and his Blunderbuss and may not know of a little group called the Dead Weather. Okay I jest but I felt compelled to post this after a scary thought dawned on me recently. As Jack's bands are taken down from Dime (most torrents were inactive anyway) and the Little Room only archives White Stripes/Jack White, where the hell do young fans get initiated into the Dead Weather inner circle? I don't know.

Now I didn't take economics for nothing okay I took economics for nothing and regret it but I know enough to know that supply is informed by demand. So I'm sure that the lack of readily available Dead Weather bootlegs is due to the fact that perhaps people aren't that interested. But if I shill them here maybe you'll all bite.

So consider this Live Dead Weather 101: Intro To Live Dead Weather. It's taken from a fantastic NPR soundboard recording of the bands gig at the relatively small 9:30 Club in Washington. It's towards the beginning of the extended 2009/2010 tour and shows the band really finding their groove. As far as I know it's the first pro-recorded show that wasn't a promotional event and a rare Grade A sound recording of a non-festival show.

The performance is rough but inspired. The band will get smoother as things progress (although they don't lose their looseness) but this is a fantastic starting point. One of the set highlights is the funky semi-electro Bone House which is always good live but really shines here. The rarities are also particularly good and not just for rarity's sake. No Hassle Night is a definite improvement over the album version, A Child of a Few Hours is always welcome and an extremely rare performance of Vault B-Side Outside is a great little snapshot of the band rocking out perfectly. If I had one complaint it's that Jack vocals haven't seemed to recover from the 2008 Raconteurs tour. Furthermore, what the hell was going on with the annoying distortion sound on his mic? Nevertheless this a great rocking set that should serve as a perfect entry point into your inevitable live Dead Weather journey.

So here it is and I hope you all enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

The Dead Weather
17th July 2009
9:30 Club, Washington DC

1. Intro
2. 60 Ft. Tall
3. Bone House
4. Outside
5. So Far From Your Weapon
6. I Cut Like A Buffalo
7. Forever My Queen
8. Rocking Horse
9. New Pony
10. No Hassle Night
11. Will There Be Enough Water?
12. Encore
13. Treat Me Like Your Mother
14. A Child of a Few Hours is Burning To Death
15. Hang You From Heavens
16. Outro


  1. This is AMAZING! Thank you so much. PLEASE post more!!!

  2. Jack White is featured in the book 108 Rock Star Guitars, like on Facebook for more updates !

  3. Great blog, very well thought out and articulate. I have enjoyed reading your posts very much.

  4. The link is dead. Any chance of a re-post?


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