Live Picks #1: Ball & Biscuit 2005/10/02

I've started doing these on The Little Room but I thought I may as well post them here as well. Every week (remember the last time I said that) I'll post one of my favourite live tracks by one of Jacky White's bands.

My first pick is from my favourite year of touring, 2005. The main focus of Jack's guitar playing in It Might Get Loud was his belief that it's all about the struggle and no other performance illustrates this more beautifully then this version of Ball & Biscuit. Previously in the concert Jack had attempted the song but had abandoned it for My Doorbell however after endlessly tuning it (unfortunately left out of the mp3) he kicks into the song in full blast. Jack's guitar playing is like him taming a beast and that's true of most of his songs but this is the only one I've heard where it sounds like the beast might actually win. The guitar constantly fights back, clanging and clanking, going out of tune and cutting out. But it's Jack persistence that makes it so inspired and after dragging his inglorious piece of plastic back under his control he strums the shit out of it until the songs end, emerging victorious at last.

If you like this (and frankly you must) then I'd definitely recommend downloading this entire show which is in the same messily inspired vein and in beautiful satellite radio sound quality.


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